What are the Dangers of Asbestos

Despite asbestos being present for the last 4500 years, asbestos is a silent problem that occurs naturally. The health problems from the same came to light in the Roman days, when the lung problems were seen in the slaves who worked around asbestos. They are very dangerous and they can affect the human body adversely.
Mixed with Products
Most of the people often never come to know that they have been exposed to asbestos because it is mixed in products. Its resistance to fire is strong and because of this, it is added to roofing sheets and pipes. It is also found in talcum powder and in the crayons that the children usually use.
Long-term health hazards
Those who are exposed to Asbestos for longer hours are usually the ones who suffer through long term asbestos related diseases. The long-term nature of it makes it difficult for the doctors to trace the reason of the disease because there is a possibility that the patient was exposed to it in the past. Lung Cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis are one of the most common diseases that are seen in people exposed to Asbestos.
Effect highlighted by smoking
The regular smokers always have a higher risk of suffering from asbestos related diseases than the non-smokers do. Therefore, those who smoke must quit it as soon as possible if their work involves exposure to asbestos.
Dust not visible
The fibers of the asbestos are too small to be seen from the naked eye and so, it becomes very dangerous when it gets airborne. Apart from that, the asbestos particles can be disturbed easily, which increases the chance of its inhalation. This affects our future health and can be the starting of many diseases. When the asbestos work is going around you, it must be ensured that you remain a little cautious about it. People are usually exposed to the same when the pipe installation and floor tiles set up is taking place.
Therefore, whenever you are around a building where the construction work is going on, you must ensure you follow the safety measures to keep from inhaling the harmful fibers of asbestos. Those who are in a profession where they have to be around asbestos must take safety training to be aware of what are the measures which can save them and the workers under them from the asbestos related diseases.

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