Asbestos Vinyl Floor Tiles Project

First class job Cooper and Associates! I had some renovation done at my place of business, and having new floors was part of it. It was discovered that the old flooring was asbestos vinyl floor tiles and Cooper and Associates was awarded the job to remove the old flooring, and I couldn’t have been happier with their performance.

They had to come in at night while my staff was out of the office. The job ran for three nights, and every morning when we arrived back to work it was as if they were never there. The building was left very clean, and their containment area was very neat and orderly. My flooring company was very happy with the condition of the floor after Cooper and Associates finished their abatement job.


During the process of selling my house, a home inspector pointed out that I had asbestos pipe insulation located in the attic. They recommended Cooper and Associates to perform the abatement of this material which turned out to be a “fantastic recommendation”. Cooper and Associates price was cheaper than I had expected, and they were very flexible with my schedule. Cooper and Associates did a great job! I hope I never buy a house with asbestos again…but if I do, I will definicalltoy know who to call.


I was way pass due on having my roof replaced, and being that it had asbestos shingles on it I knew there would be an additional cost. I contacted three roofing companies to obtain quotes. Out of three companies, two of them told me that Cooper and Associates would be performing the removal and disposal of the asbestos roofing shingles, since the roofing companies were not licensed to handle asbestos. The third company never called me back. Needless to say, Cooper and Associates performed the removal of the asbestos shingles. I was very impressed with their workmanship. Cooper and Associates made every effort to protect my plants and property during the removal. They arrived when the said they would and finished when the said they would. Again, I was very impressed and happy with their work. If you have asbestos materials that need to be removed, I would strongly recommend Cooper and Associates.