Lead Paint Removal Tampa Bay


  • Lead-base paint was used in more then 38 million homes until it was banned from residential use in 1978. Structures built before 1978 are likely to contained lead base paint. Lead-base paint was also used on old toys and furniture. As lead paint ages, it becomes brittle and can chip or crumble into dust. Lead-base paint was commonly used on doors, windows, and their frame work. The movement and rubbing of lead-base painted surfaces can create a fine dust that is invisible to the eye and can endanger you and your family.

Health Issues:

  • Exposure to lead-paint dust or chips can cause serious health problems. Children and pregnant women are at higher risk. Lead can affect children’s brains and developing nervous system, causing reduced IQ, learning disabilities, and behavioral problems. If you feel that your children may have been exposed to lead-based paint you should have a blood test to see if they have elevated blood levels. All children one and two years of age, or who may have been exposed, should be tested. Other children under six years of age, or who may have been exposed, should be tested if their doctors think they are at risk. Pregnant woman that have high blood levels of lead can pass it to the baby through the placenta or through breast milk.

Having Renovation Done

  • If you live in or own an older home, you need to know how to protect yourself and others. When having renovation preformed by a Contractor be sure that they are RRP (Renovation, Repair, and Painting) certified. They will need to assume that your paint is lead based or have it tested by a Certified Lead Testing Company. If lead painted components are to be disturbed during the renovation, be sure that only lead trained personal are handling those components. Lead removal will generate lead dust and debris. Unless the house is properly cleaned, it will be more hazardous after the work than it was before!

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